5 Tips for Putting Up a Holiday Light Display at Your Business

commercial standby generatorThe holidays are rapidly approaching and you may be hesitating to set up a large light display. You worry about overloading your South Florida business’ electrical circuits. If an unexpected storm blows through, you may lose electrical power. You may have another option – a commercial standby generator can protect your business.

Setting Up Safe Light Displays

When customers come into your business, they may bring young children inside with them. While you want them to enjoy your holiday displays, you also want them to be safe, especially the little ones. To accomplish this:

  • Choose LED lights. They stay cooler than incandescent bulbs
  • Place fiber-optic ornaments out of the reach of curious little hands
  • Opt for nonflammable decorations
  • Keep plants and Christmas trees watered.
  • Test smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly.

Lights Around Trees and Windows

It’s time for the holidays! You’d love to put up some light displays, but you’re afraid that, if you put up too many, you’ll end up overloading the capacity of the electrical lines near your business. Even when one of your employees asks about the possibility of putting up an exterior display, you hesitate, not wanting to cause a power outage.

Think about the kind of holiday light display you’d like to set up. If it will include several strands of icicle lights, lights wrapped around the trees outside your business and some light strands surrounding the windows of your business, you shouldn’t worry about overloading circuits. Depending on how much office equipment you have that operates with electrical power, such as a copier, fax machine and printer, you may have to invest in special outlets and power cords, as well as a source of backup power.

Light up Live Potted Plants

Inside your business, look at the decor. If your live, potted trees are healthy, getting plenty of water, try wrapping smaller strands of lights around them. Bring the holidays indoors! Just remember to unplug the lights at the end of the work day.

Do you have any merchandise displays? If so, don’t leave them out. Some lights or a pre-lit garland can dress these areas up, extending the holiday feeling to these areas as well.

Don’t Forget the Receptionist’s Area

While it may not be realistic to drape a string of lights around her desk, your receptionist might enjoy having some holiday display in her area. Think about wrapping some of the pictures in garland or a pre-lit garland. A fiber-optic holiday animal can also brighten her work area. Check how many light strands you have and make sure everything electrical is connected to your emergency power source, just in case the unexpected happens.

As you think about the added stress on your business’ electrical outlets, you realize you need a source of backup power. Here in South Florida, it’s not unusual for a freak storm to blow up and bring down power lines. In this situation, you definitely need emergency power to keep your business operational.

Being Prepared

Your holiday display is all set up and it looks beautiful. Just a few days after your display goes live, another business sets their display up – and they go all-out. Their display is so big that a large portion of your street loses power. Until the electric company can get its workers out to repair the overloaded transformer box, you have to rely on your commercial standby generator. The resulting power outage leaves neighboring businesses in the dark. Except for you.

Choose A Generator

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