Our Happy Home Standby Generator Customers Say It Best…

Marla & Michael I must say we were surprised when you asked us for a testimonial. As you know, I wasn’t very happy with you guys after the LP tank popped out of the ground and you had to pull it out and reinstall it. My yard was a mess and I was not a happy camper as you may recall. I understand it was not your fault and was due to all the heavy rain we had after the tank was installed and the fact that the inspector makes you guys leave the hole open until the tank is inspected. I must say that outside this situation you did a great job and everything was perfect once you were done. You took care of the situation immediately and had everything cleaned up the next day. I guess that not every job gets done without any problems, it can happen, but how well a company takes care of problems must be considered. I would recommend Alternate Power to anyone.

Marla & Michael
Delray Beach, FL

Maribel & Alex I must say that I wasn’t sure about installing a generator. I have been considering it for a few years but every year I would put it off. With my new job I was traveling a lot and didn’t want my family alone in a power outage and decided to get it done. I was surprised with the price because it was much less than a price we got a few years back. Out of the three companies that came out to our house to give us a price, Alternate Power Solutions had the best price and was more knowledgeable than the others. Great job! Got it done two weeks sooner than what they originally told us it would take. Our power has gone out twice now and the generator worked perfectly. Thanks Tony.

Maribel & Alex
Port St. Lucie, FL

Suzanne & Ronald Thank you for the wonderful job you did. As you know, we were very reluctant to install the generator due to disturbing our landscaping. My wife and I put a lot of work into all the landscaping at our home and when you told us that you had to run a line under our driveway and through our landscape we were very reluctant. You assured us that everything would be left just as you found it and you did. It was the best experience we had with a contractor in Florida. Your guy Ron was great to work with. Thanks.

Suzanne & Ronald
Frenchman’s Reserve, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Beth Rosenberg I have a generator that was installed and maintained by another company and every time the power went out the generator didn’t come on! This is very frustrating when you invest so much money on a backup generator. The last time they were out they told me it was going to cost $3,200 to replace some big part in the generator, I can’t recall the name of the part but I found Alternate Power on the internet and asked them to come out and give me a second opinion. The technician, Mike, came out the next day in the evening so I wouldn’t have to stay home all day and found that the generator only needed a small part and the whole job was under $400! This guy knows his stuff and is very honest. I don’t know about their other technicians but I can tell you that this one Mike is great! He has been servicing my generator for over two years now and no problems. Great company!

Beth Rosenberg
Boca Raton, FL

Karen & Scott Where do we start? These guys are just great! We had a generator installed shortly after the hurricane by another company that didn’t work and to top it off, the permit was never final and we have been receiving violations from code enforcement. Alternate Power took care of everything. They repermitted the job; fixed the code violations, met with the inspectors and got everything all settled with Wellington and the generator is running great. What good people. All I have to say is that you need to be careful who you do business with. The company that originally installed the generator is no longer in business and it wound up costing more by not doing our homework. Thank you Alternate Power.

Karen & Scott
Wellington, FL

Judy & Howard My wife and I decided on a generator for our home following our last power outage. Seems like every time the wind blows our power goes out here. We met with a few generator companies and found Alternate Power to be the most knowledgeable and very professional. They were really great to work with and did a great job. We did have a problem with one of the ac units not coming on with the generator but they sent a technician out the next day and corrected it. Great job!

Judy & Howard
Breakers West, Palm Beach, FL