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A South Florida Christmas: Decorating your Home

how to choose a generatorThe holidays are here! A time for family, presents, togetherness… and lots of Christmas lights. Rather than sticking to just some garlands and a tree, you might want to look into adding touches of holiday cheer to both the inside and outside of your home this year.

Indoor Lighting

When most people think of indoor Christmas lights, they think about the ones wrapped around the tree. The truth, however, is that you can use lights to create a very festive Christmas display that extends beyond the living room.

Here are some places where a string of Christmas lights can look great:

  1. Running around the ceiling (you might need to combine several strings of lights to cover an entire room)
  2. Around a door or window
  3. Wrapped around indoor potted plants (works even better if you have several potted plants sitting together)
  4. Placed inside a glass vase or lamp, so the glow of the lights shows through
  5. On the headboard of your bed
  6. Against the back of the kitchen counter or under the cabinets (you might need to use tape to secure the cable)

Although colorful lights are great for certain areas of the home, white lights often make a stronger statement, especially if you plan on using them around colorful objects or decorating entire rooms with them.e

Taking the Lights Outdoors 

When it comes to decorating outside, many people stick to large lawn ornaments and some outdoor lightning. Unless you live in an area with strict rules or are trying to keep the outdoor displays to a minimum, there’s no reason why you should stop there. In fact, a little touch of added light or color here or there can make a world of difference — and without costing you a fortune.

You’ll get the biggest impact from simple things, like wrapping strings of light around tree trunks or branches. No trees outside? Wrap the lights around the porch or balcony railing. Or buy some potted plants, decorate them with lights and place them right outside your front door.

For something different, find some tree branches or buy some giant plastic candy canes. Then find an empty plant pot (tall ones work better for this) and fill the bottom with a bunch of Christmas lights. Place the branches/candy canes on top and then plug in. The light coming from within the pot will create a great lighting effect.

Preparing for the Unexpected, such as a South Florida Power Outage

Finally, your Christmas display is set. The lights are on, the giant Santa is all ready to go and the tree is shining brightly through the window.

One thing you might be missing? Emergency power.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who goes all out with their Christmas decoration, you might want to think about a South Florida power outage and how that will affect your holiday decor. After all, you probably don’t want to be in the dark on Christmas Eve, as you sit down to enjoy dinner with the family.

One way to avoid problems is to make sure you pick energy efficient lightning, so you’re not overwhelming your home’s electrical system once everything goes on at the same time. If your entire Christmas decor is just a collection of a tree plus a few lighted lawn displays, you’ll probably fine even if you don’t take any additional precautions. If you plan on going all out with outdoor lightning, however, you might need special power cords and outlets that can take the added electrical stress on the house.

And don’t forget to have a backup generator all ready to go. While you don’t want to rely on that to light your home, you also don’t want to be in the dark if the lights happen to go out on Christmas Eve.

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