5 Reasons Your Florida Business Needs a Commercial Generator for Backup Power

commercial generatorLiving and working in Florida, you and your employees face the reality of tropical storms and hurricanes that can lead to the loss of electrical power to your business and equipment. If you could find a way to keep your business operational during and after a major storm or other catastrophe, you would be able to protect much of your business – and much more. A commercial-grade generator may help you stay in business.

Ability to Maintain Customer Contact

If you have a commercial generator installed for your business, you’ll be able to resume contact with your customers on the first day you are allowed to get back into your office. While other businesses in your neighborhood and community are unable to open because they do not have generators, you’re calling customers to see how they made it through the storm. You’re also building valuable goodwill.

Keep Lighting and Security

A commercial generator is equipped with a transfer switch, which means that as soon as a major storm leads to a loss of electrical power, the switch senses that power has gone out. The generator kicks in, continuing to power your business’ lighting and security system, which helps to keep your business and everything within safe from looters.

Looters won’t target a business that still has its lights – and security – operational. Instead, they will target those companies that have gone dark after a power outage.

Avoid Loss of Electronic Data

Your business’ computers are vulnerable to power outages, especially when they don’t run on internal batteries. Data stored on the hard drives could be lost in the event of a major storm and resulting power outage.

Even if you have a regularly scheduled data backup, a loss of electricity can cause your computers to lose data that you, your employees and your business rely on to stay in operation.

Prevent Loss of Income

Unless you have a source of emergency power that doesn’t rely on the municipal power grid, your business can’t operate until electricity begins flowing through the lines again. For you and your business, this would force you to stay closed, losing thousands of dollars for every day you’re unable to open.

A generator that connects to your business’ electrical lines provides a reliable source of backup power. This enables you to open, keep your employees earning and, by allowing customers to come buy from you, helps you to bring in the money you need to keep your company operational.

A Commercial Generator Helps Increase Value to Customers

As a business owner in Florida, you know how much damage a hurricane or even a tropical storm can wreak on communities, individuals and businesses such as yours. Your customers are also aware of this.

It makes good business sense to invest in a source of backup power so you can continue providing services or products to loyal customers. When power lines are pulled down, other businesses will stay shuttered until damage has been repaired and power restored. Some of these businesses may never reopen.

Customers develop loyalty to a business as well as to a brand. When they are unable to visit the business to which they’ve developed positive feelings, they will eventually begin to think that the owner is shortsighted. Eventually, they will start visiting another establishment.

For so many reasons, having reliable emergency power available before a disaster strikes can save your business. Because Florida is right in the path of strong storms, a commercial generator makes good business sense.

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